Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spring Dance Recital

This past weekend was the Spring Dance Recital and the girls were very activity involved with it.  Drea was in a total of seven dances and Charlotte was in five.  They were quite the busy little girls.  I recorded all except two of the dances.  Both kids also woke up the day of the dance throwing up and with diarrhea.  It made for an interest time.  Charlotte was more or less better by the time the recital started.  Drea was not, but toughed it out.  She did not want to miss after a complete year of practice and an entire week leading up too Sunday's recital.  I proud of her for sticking it out, I know it wasn't fun.  When it was all said and done, she fell asleep on the stage during clean up waiting for Stacey too gather up all her stuff.  She was a trooper for sure.  All of the dances are about two to three minutes long if you care to watch.

Drea: Ghostbusters
Charlotte:  Let it Go
Drea: Baton
Charlotte: Shower
Drea: Diamonds
Charlotte: Blue Dress
Drea: You can Fly
Drea:  Shake it Off

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